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Bowman Productions is a commercial video production company located in South Portland, Maine. Specializing in brand storytelling, we craft authentic videos for brands, agencies, movers & shakers. We love creating videos that tell the story of your brand and explain your values. When your story becomes part of your marketing strategy, it propels your brand forward. Who’s telling your brand story?

Our Work

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Southern Maine Community College


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Pre Production
Let’s make a plan before we film anything. We’ll help you develop your ideas, write scripts and make storyboards so you’ll know what your video will look like before we start. Oh and we’ll estimate budgets, scout locations and hire crew.

We craft videos with digital cinema cameras, lighting equipment and a bunch of other fancy gear that makes your business or product look amazing. Our crew is full of talent, respect and passion for bringing your project to life.

Post Production
Your video comes together in the editing room. With years of editing experience, animations, visual effects and a sprinkle of creative video dust, we’ll turn your raw footage into a beautiful edit that will get you more business (and your boss will rave about).

The Right Team

When you work with us, you get a single point of contact that opens up the door to unlimited possibilities. Over the years we’ve curated a network of the best cinematographers, editors, producers, sound recordists and more.
Together we are Bowman Productions.

Let's make an amazing video.

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