Video Marketing for Small Business | Promo Video

Bowman Productions teamed up with Flyte New Media to create a power video marketing package. We combine our high quality video production skills with Flyte’s internet marketing saavy and SEO optimization to help businesses like yours reach new customers and generate new leads! Video was produced by Bowman Productions with help from Flyte New Media.———

Would you like to increase your online visibility? Drive more qualified traffic to your site? Convert more of that traffic into leads and business?

One of the most powerful, effective ways to do that is using online video.

YouTube has over 1 billion unique viewers every month, which means it’s only behind Facebook as far as reach goes. And you can post that same video to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog and more, to reach an even wider audience. Online video is exploding! In March of 2013 alone, 182 million viewers watched 39 billion videos online!

Online video can be watched by your ideal customer on her desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Video is the perfect way to warm up leads because people get to know your face, hear your voice, and see your passion and expertise on display. In short, they get to know you and feel comfortable with you, before they’ve even met you.

So why aren’t you using video?

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